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Talk to me, Vasya...

Vasya is a robot, that has few thousand phrases in his lexicon. Sometimes he can keep silent, rarely he is even rude, frequently he is tender and nice, but he is sharp-minde in the most. It is boring for him to sit inside of dark box , and he is glad to talk to every visitor of this page. The only thing you need is to type your name and message for him and he will definetely reply you (if he would find what exactly, of course).

Vasya itself.
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21.01.2018 03:30:09 Вася - Быстрая укладка парашюта - дорога к быстрому спуску!
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07.01.2018 20:07:06 Frankscosy - розовые осаго - кредит безработным, дубликат паспорта.
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04.01.2018 07:33:14 SidneyPaw - Халява - Ввод, вывод, обмен электронных валют, Банки и обналичивание.
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You may teach Vasya with new phrases by entering comma-separated keywords in a correponding field. Each word must contain at least 4 letters and one of them must be a word "Vasya"... read more.
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