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Welcome to Staroselskiy's Family Website. Here you can find the latest news in our blog, check out new photos and videos, read the articles, see our genealogy tree and find some other information, related to our family, including Pskov, where we used to live. If you are looking for fun - try to solve riddles or talk to Vasya. It also contains our favorite guitar songs (with chords) and some interesting links. Feel free to contact us, if you need.


05/02/16 How to fix Corel Videostudio X4 or X6
03/19/16 Путешествие рок-дилетанта
10/05/15 Растет парень
08/30/15 Земля Псковская / The Pskovian Land
04/14/15 Письмо от службы поддержки
03/24/15 Убил два колеса
02/11/15 Мониторинг энергопотребления
10/11/14 Китайские проводочки

05/06/16 Сертификаты Влада
04/19/16 20160324_USA_AZ_Grand_Canyon
04/19/16 20160322_USA_NV_Las_Vegas_Madame_Tussauds_museum
04/19/16 20160321_USA_NV-AZ_Hoover_Dam_and_Lake_Mead
04/19/16 20160321-24_USA_NV_Las_Vegas
04/07/16 20160404_USA_VA_Great_Falls
04/07/16 20160404_USA_MD_Baltimore_Aquarium
04/07/16 20160403_USA_DC_Washington_US_Botanic_Garden

01/09/15 Christmas 2014 / NY 2015 light show
02/28/14 Ducts Cleaning DIY Project 2014
01/26/14 2013 Christmas Light Show
06/26/13 Sponsor Me Skate Video
06/15/13 Песня "Неудачное свидание" в русской школе "Метафора"
12/25/12 2012 Christmas Light Show
10/09/11 Andrey's home piano performance - bonus
10/09/11 Andrey's home piano performance 3


12/10/15 How to fix a problem with Pantum P2502W printer
12/20/14 Repairing a dead push button on X10 light switches
04/25/10 О фотографии
09/08/08 Дворовое детство
01/21/08 Sony MEX-BT2500 mic tuning
12/24/07 Мои университеты
08/29/06 От радиоэлектроники к компьютерам
06/12/06 Псков. Средняя школа N10

03/17/15 About Paxfire
01/27/14 История Пскова
01/09/14 Удаление царапин на фотографиях в фотошопе
12/30/13 What does the fox say?
08/02/13 То, что вы не хотели знать об Англии
07/28/13 Как делать панорамы в Lightroom-Photoshop
07/08/13 История княжества Псковского
05/15/12 Проект реконструкции центра Пскова

09/11/07 Нам бы
07/15/07 Still Loving You
07/15/07 Girl
07/15/07 Yesterday
07/15/07 Losing My Religion
07/15/07 Hotel California
07/15/07 House of the Rising Sun
07/15/07 Two candles / Две свечи

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