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Three female friends were dressed in white, red and blue. Their shoes were also white, red and blue. Only Tamara's dress and shoes had the same color. Valya were in white shoes. Lida neither had red dress nor shoes. Try to determine color of dresses and shoes for each friend.

Tamara Valya Lida

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AndreyStar06/25/2011 23:35:27100:01:24
111/03/2010 05:27:11100:01:10
mu05/22/2010 11:33:29100:00:47
Andrey05/06/2010 22:12:17200:01:18
Hez04/14/2010 17:44:28100:02:59
art04/06/2010 16:38:30100:02:35
Tasja12/10/2009 13:56:09100:02:02
Алекс12/10/2009 12:54:45100:03:50
ксю11/25/2009 05:56:17123:53:08
Colie10/28/2009 21:31:25100:01:27
naira10/02/2009 14:13:28100:01:37
wakh.viart.ru03/18/2009 13:42:23400:02:58
Sherzodbek12/23/2008 04:04:33100:01:27
Mattie10/01/2008 17:45:52100:00:58
Taurean10/01/2008 17:38:56200:01:54
Tim09/30/2008 08:50:48100:02:16
Yogesh09/16/2008 04:20:47200:02:02
me09/08/2008 04:26:29100:01:13
heydar05/12/2008 09:11:48100:01:01
PollyMorph05/03/2008 16:11:43100:01:25
VladStar03/15/2008 00:20:00100:00:28


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Exercise #56 from "Math. Additional topics." book for 5th grade (2001). Author - Smekalova.E.V.

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