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12/16/2008 17:44

VStarBlogEngine is out

Posted by VladStar

Релизнул самописный блоговый движок под GPL. Для тех, кому интересно - его можно скачать отсюда. Русифицированная версия настроек идет в комплекте. Все ошибки, что смог выловить - исправил, судя по этому блогу движок работает вполне стабильно.


I have released a blog engine under GPL. You can download it from the following link. Russian version of settings is included into the package. All errors, that I could've catched, were fixed, this blog is running the latest version and works pretty stable.

Под катом - список того, что он умеет и не умеет / here is a list of features, under cut:


This light-weight multi-user/single-blog engine is intended for bloggers, who need a simple, fast and reliable blogging platform. It is built as an alternative to existing heavy-armored blog engines, such as Wordpress, Drupal and others.

It features:
- Fast and secure blogging
- Quick threaded commenting with captcha
- Multi-language support with UTF-8 database encoding
- Subscribe to comments
- Tags support
- Spam-filtering
- RSS support
- LiveJournal crosspost
- Wordpress database import

It does not feature:
- Self-registration
- OpenID
- Visual editor
- Plugins
- Widgets
- Number of other fancy stuff, that slow down the engine

UPDATE: Sorry to everyone for incorrect "settings.php" file, previously included into the package (last minute changes). This problem is already being fixed - please, download and unpack it again.

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12/17/2008 01:39   friendly guest   reply   thread
Good job
There are hundreds of CMS/blog engines, literally
None of them imitates the interface of LJ as closely as your blog, and most of them are fat slow beasts.

It's very good that this engine is small and that the familiar interface is in place.

What next?

(a) add small scripts that would archive in this blog the blog entries with commentaries from LJ.
This way the user will be able to use the blog as an arhciver, but not a mechanical archiver of all the unnecessary crap. Nope, one should save only what one thinks is interesting, it's the human who must pick the contents

(b) After that is achieved, a simipar replicating function BETWEEN VSTAR BLOGS should be built in, and magically we'll get a distributed LJ from a number of small individual blogs.

This is not a simple add-on. This step can be done in 2 stages:
(a) content is in the distributed blogs, but references are posted in teh LJ itself (which is 24 hrs online), small technical postings (or comments under some posting) will do. One can even encrypt them
(b) A difficult step: completely self-sufficient structure.
The number of problems and puclications in which they are reviewed is considerable and cannot be squeezed into this posting.

Look at the pictures in muzyka_sfer.livejournal.com and think deep ;))))

P.S. do not try to reply to this e-mail, it's fake.
Reply under this message if you wish to talk
12/17/2008 23:53   VladStar   (R)   reply   thread
Thanks !

a) Unfortunately, LJ API doesn't give any option to access comments, they only allow to manage posts. It's quite possible to do at least posts synchronization, though.

b) I doubt, this option will be widely used. It's not that difficult to technically implement a synchronization, but setting up all trusts between blogs will be a nightmare for all blog owners. Plus, security part will also take a lot of efforts to properly protect such blogs from unauthorized access (spammers, hackers, etc.)
12/18/2008 08:34   friendly guest   reply   thread
a/ What's interesting, I _did all that_
Your script is mostly a blog, I did write a script that is the complement, i.e. is mostly an aggregator.
One of the standard features is import of a post with all its contents, which are then expanded and displayed in full.

I.e. the idea is either to browse LJ via the aggregator window (which is cumbersome, and may confuse the users, who may lose count and forget whether they are looking at LJ, Lj through the aggregator, or the local copy.
OR the idea is to browse LJ in one window/tab, while getting a copy of the post with all its comments (OR getting all latest posts of a user OR getting an archive of a journal of a user OR getting a copy of the "friends reel" of a user) -- at a press of a button, roughly speaking in another tab/window.

So you accumulate only the posts that interest you while routinely reading/browsing LJ.

b/ is much more interesting, though. There are quite a number of university publications/studies and attempts by various programmers to create a good p2p system of a similar kind. No one knows a good final design, yet. But it's an exciting research project
12/18/2008 17:38   VladStar   (R)   reply   thread
a) The only API function I could see there is syncitems, but it is not clear for me what "C" for comments (not implemented) phrase means. Even if it works, it offers only one-way sync (LJ to Blog).

I agree, it might be a good idea to implement such import feature for people, who want to switch from LJ to own blog. But, as for archiving - there are number of programs, like LJArchive, that already do that.

b) You are right, it could be a good theme for a thesis or some research study, but I am not going that far. :-)
12/17/2008 11:13   skurudo   (R)   reply   thread
1. ошибки в settings.php
237: 'LastAccess'=>'Last access'), 'Tags'), 'Tag'),
12/17/2008 11:20   VladStar   reply   thread
Ага, я сам только что заметил и пофиксил. :-) Менял в последнюю минуту, не заметил, и скобки случайно оставил. Спасибо !
12/17/2008 11:16   skurudo   (R)   reply   thread
Написал письмом.. -_-
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